My Angel Gertie

This story was printed in a few magazines. One of the magazines wanted to buy the rights to it but I refused. I’m now sharing it on our sites. Enjoy!

14 years ago or so, I was introduced to a meditative technique to connect to my guardian angel. There were 8-10 women sitting in a circle, ready to share their angel experience after we came out of contemplation. Names like Angelica, Felicia, Miciella etc., with flowing dresses and golden locks were many of the descriptions given by others, until it was my turn to share.

"Gertie", I blurted out. My angel’s name is Gertie and she’s an elder. She’s wearing an old-fashioned dress and her hair is pulled back in a bun. At that point I thought I made a mistake. I was quite disturbed. No one matched close to what I saw that winter eve many years ago. As I gazed at the women in the circle, a few chuckled, some looked very amused, others not so sure I got the assignment right. The evening ended. I walked to my car shaking my head in disbelief. I was down on myself for a few days.

And then something happened. I began hearing the name Gertie and Gertrude in the weeks following. What are the odds of this old-fashioned name appearing in this ultra modern world? I held on to the synchronicities and took notice that something was up with these messages.

As the years unfolded more came into light and I became more in tune. I began talking to Gertie, asking for assistance, especially for parking spaces and oh my, she never failed to get me a perfect parking spot.

Others in my life began using Gertie but I sometimes informed them that they have angels and to try to access them. I didn’t want her to get worn out! Gertie is still highly revered especially by my young adult children.

Then about 8 years ago, I took a death and dying class, formally known as “Compassion In Action,” now “The Twilight Brigade” as part of my life’s” work, to assist people in transition. Some months passed after that incredible weekend and I received a call from a” Compassion in Action” friend. Dennis wanted me to help him resolve a dilemma. He asked if it was possible for me to take over an assignment, helping an elder transition as he had an emergency to attend. At the time, I was working two businesses and was worn out but I felt this unbelievable tingle up and down my spine, and a nudge that has been a significant indicator when I need to pay attention. In this situation to take the assignment.

Dennis asked me to call the coordinator and she would fill me in. I called Nadia. She was, at that time, in charge of the Northern California area for that organization. Nadia began giving me the details of my assignment. First, the elder’s name, which was Gertrude… "Gertrude?” I was taken back. “Humm?" I asked if Gertrude’s nickname was Gertie? Nadia didn't know. After I received all the information necessary, we ended our conversation and I was extremely anxious to meet Gertrude.

A few eves past and I headed to Gertrude’s hospital room in anticipation. As I entered the room, there before me was the woman who showed up in meditation, during the Guardian Angel class, many years ago- but how in the world could this be? Angels are supposed to be in spirit? Her hair was pulled back, her face was exactly how I remembered it. I was absolutely stunned and almost felt paralyzed by this unbelievable meeting. As I sat there in complete and utter silence, it felt surreal, watching Gertrude and her daughter converse. I felt like I was in a movie. I was in absolute awe of it all! While they were busy with each other, I reviewed the meditation class experience in my mind, combing over every detail. I also took notice of the photos that surrounded Gertrude’s small space. Mother Teresa, The Dali Lama, photo of her daughter, also another Indian looking guru. These were helpful clues that she was a spiritual woman and I could share my amazing story with her! I held on to this incredible secret for a while until I felt confident to share it with Gertrude.

Evenings later, I felt this nudge that it was time. "Has anyone ever called you Gertie?" Gertrude’s face lit up like a bright and shinning star. “Only one other person called me by that name many years ago, dear. I loved this man very much. I proceeded to share my Gertie story. I gazed at Gertie, she was intently smiling and nodding her head as if she had a special message to tell me.

"Please call me Gertie, dear. I am your angel. It was time to meet!"

My shock amplified! I thought angels were not in a body. How is this possible? How is this possible? I sat there wanting to ask her question after question but I couldn’t speak. My mind was like mush. I guess it was a time to just be and take in this angelic experience. Gertie and I ended our evening together and I went home and could hardly sleep. I continued to hear in my mind, “I am your angel, it was time to meet.” I kept saying over and over. ”How is this possible?” I reviewed the entire moment and still couldn’t believe this was for real. I called a few friends the next day and they were amazed as I.

I spent a few weeks with Gertie before she passed on. We shared a lot of feelings, memories of her past and the wisdom from her soul. I got to ask many questions. It was quite clear, I wasn't just there to help Gertie transition. I was mainly there for Gertie to share insight I needed to hear before she passed on. I was saddened I didn't get to spend more time with her but it wasn't to be. Her body was fading and her spirit ready to soar!

Months passed and one day while I was driving, I remembered I needed to go to the bank. I began researching in my mind where there could be a Bank of America off of the freeway I was on. I then remembered one in Los Altos. I walked in and stood in the bank line. I noticed a woman who looked like Gertie’s daughter, Christine. I approached her; she didn’t remember me at first and looked quite puzzled. She confirmed that she was indeed Gertie’s daughter and I reminded her who I was. We chatted a few minutes and both went on our separate way. I didn't feel this was unusual but then,

...a year or more later, I placed an ad in the newspaper for my service business, as I needed more clients. I live in an area with over a million people. One day, I picked up my phone messages to see if I had any potential clients. One person’s voice stood out and I wondered if this was Gertie’s daughter? I called this woman back, and yes, it was Christine. I couldn't believe this occurrence, as she didn't know anything about me, or my business. We were both amazed! We talked a bit more this time. Christine mentioned she was having a difficult time with Gerties death. I tried to comfort her. We ended our conversation and life went on.

A few years later, I was at a Church seminar, sitting among 50 or so people scattered here and there. I began conversing with a man I was sitting next to and the topic of angels came up. I felt I needed to tell him about my Gertie story. Minutes later, I could feel someone sit right behind me while I was in dialog sharing the uncanny synchronicities. I turned around after I was finished and who was behind me, Gertie’s daughter, Christine. We almost screamed with excitement but didn’t want to disturb the other participants! We jumped up and hugged one another. We were both shaken by this occurrence! Words like, unbelievable, unreal, incredible came tumbling out of our quivering mouths. It took a bit of time to compose ourselves. The interesting part, Christine said she still had been very depressed about Gertie’s death and felt pushed to go to this seminar but there were so many obstacles placed in her way, she wondered why she kept feeling hard-pressed to go. She told me it was Gertie’s death anniversary on that next Sunday (a few days from that day) and invited me to join in which I honored her invitation.

There are thousands of churches among a million people in the San Jose area. Christine began attending this church not too long ago which was a fair distance from where she lived. She also could have chosen to sit in the dozens of empty spaces and by many others but right behind me was where she was led by Gertie.

A few years later and I was in my car one morning listening to a spiritual station I try to catch and listen in from time to time. I’m so busy during that peak work time, tuning into this station was a rarity. I began zooming in on the interview in progress. I was taken back because I was almost sure this was Gerties daughter, Christine. I waited with anticipation to hear her name. Minutes later, a confirmation, indeed, Christine! It was totally amazing! I smiled. It was probably a sign to remind me Gertie is right by my side.


Cynthia M. Long

Cynthia Long, cultural creative and a visionary for healing products, gifted to her by the angelic realm. Cynthia is committed to healing, nurturing and celebrating each soul who finds there way to Cynthia’s path. Cynthia is single. She has 3 beautiful adult children and 3 wonderful grandchildren.

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