The energy of light from the sacred alcove at Fatima was mesmerizing. One could feel each lit candle. It was as if each candle was blessed and each had a deep healing intention of love pouring forth from every flame.
To know more about us please read -The Beginning of the Fatima Journey
light a candle

Light A Candle, Light A Blessed Candle

We have a friend who lives around Fatima, Portugal, willing to light a candle at the shrine of Fatima for individuals and will recite a short prayer. The fee - $10.00.

If there's sufficient requests, funds will be put aside to begin our mission to help orphaned and abandoned children.

Holy anointing oils
Spikenard & Exodus Holy Anointing Oils
Exodus 30:21-29 anointing oil is identical to the Exodus given to Moses by the Lord. Powerful calamus, cinnamon, myrrh, cassia and olive oils. We're pleased to offer this ancient holy oil to our customers.

Spikenard Oil was poured over Christ's head and feet by Mary Magdalene right before the Last Supper. This holy oil was very expensive in ancient times. Christ said this gesture would be told throughout the world. We're now bringing this incredible, sacred oil forward for everyone to experience.

Holy Anointing Oils for Just $3.00 Per Vile.

1 3/4" High X 1/16" Wide clear glass viles with plastic cap.

Rare Photo of Mother Teresa
"In Communion"- There are no other photos in the world like this illuminated and amazing photograph. A wonderful addition to place on one's (or group) alter or in a holy space/room.
We're heading into an era of communion and community building. This sacred symbol is a blessed reminder to step into or move further along in spiritual commitment--- to assist, inspire, guide and nurture.

Another wax image falls off of a Fatima candle.
UPDATE: 2010 - Another wax image falls off of a Fatima candle.
It's been a while since another wax image has fallen off of a Fatima candle. To me, it looks like a person carrying something. Let me know what you think?

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